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Why Should We Study World History?

The study of world history is a way to understand the growth and evolution of humanity. It enables us to learn from our past and teaches us ways to build a better future. History is more than just dates and places. It is about understanding the relationship between cause and effect and how nothing i

Muslim Women in Marriage

Married Muslim women are expected to follow the Koran, to have very spiritual minds and take care of their husbands' needs. According to the Office of National Statistics, young Muslim couples between the ages of 16 and 24 are more likely to married than young adults from other religious backgrounds

Popular Dance Styles of 1930s

During an era that was ravaged by the Great Depression, many people found an outlet in dance. Dance was markedly influenced by black American culture and many of the dances drew their names from famous events or personalities of the times.

What Are the Best Places to Live Self-Sustained?

It takes preparation and study to successfully live off the grid and reduce your carbon footprint. Developing a self-sustained lifestyle means you will work with the most available environmentally friendly resources to farm the land and raise your meat without the assistance of utilities, grocery st

Tools Used by the Crow Native American Tribe

In the Crow tribe, the women are responsible for building and maintaining the hometeepee image by Mike & Valerie Miller from Fotolia.comThe Crow Native American tribe traditionally lived in the Yellowstone River valley, but today their home is a reservation in Montana. In an effort to...

Crater Lake National Park History & Culture

The geological features within Crater Lake National Park, located in southern Oregon, formed about 7,700 years ago after Mount Mazama erupted and then collapsed. In 1902, Crater Lake became the sixth U.S. National Park.

Japanese Culture Summer Camps for Teens

Even if you cannot go to Japan it is still possible to surround yourself with its culture by attending a Japanese summer camp in the US. There are options to attend uniquely different camps all over the United States. Some of them teach just Japanese drumming art, while others offer a more general o

Causes of the American Revolutionary War

The factors that led to the start of the American Revolutionary War are debatable, depending on which historian you ask. The easy answer is to pinpoint the action-and-reaction regarding the British taxation acts in the 1760s and early 1770s, but digging a little deeper reveals that these measures we

Tiki Culture - A Brief History

Tiki culture has become popular primarily due to people's preference for the Tiki decorating style, especially in most tropical tourist destinations. What you may not realize is that Tiki culture as it is known to ...

Differences in Indian Headdresses

Among the many different Native American tribes existed several different forms of headdress. The warbonnet and feather headbands are what figure prominently in popular culture, but they were not the dominant form of headdress among the tribes. Roaches were commonly worn by tribes east of the Rocky

How to Identify Alabama Indian Arrowheads

Native American arrowheads are small artifacts left by the native cultures that once inhabited the United States and Canada. Thousands of these tiny remnants have been found throughout North America, and many are still being discovered each year by farmers, archaeologists and lucky individuals who h

Musical Instruments Used in Germany

Orchestra thrives in Germany.orchestra image by Pedro Luis from Fotolia.comGermany has always had a dynamic music scene. Bach, Brahms and Handel were German; modern Germany boasts 80 publicly-financed concert halls that house 130 professional orchestras. Some German instruments have...

Multicultural Family Counseling Techniques

As America continues to expand and grow into a veritable rainbow of ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, religions and other unique elements, it is important for family counselors to open their minds to the various perspectives and ways of life that result from this multiculturalism. The counsel

How to Find a Person Buried in a New York Cemetery

Whether you are looking for a person's grave site to pay homage to the individual or conducting genealogy research, you can search for the grave site by utilizing the Web, government agencies and by visiting the cemetery where the person is buried.

What Are Tartan Plaids?

The words tartan and plaid are often used interchangeably but that usage is incorrect from a historical sense. All tartan's are a form of plaid, but not all plaids should be considered a specific tartan. The history of tartan dates back to ancient times and is associated with the Irish and Scottish