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Removing Podium Pushing Propagandizing Politicians from Power

Not long ago, I was discussing with an acquaintance the need to remove from power those politicians who'd used nothing more than trickery to get elected and then once in power reneged on all their campaign promises. My acquaintance suggested that if someone, such as a congressman, president, ma

The Specter of Socialism

I wanted to write about Rush Limbaugh's comments, so I went to the source- the transcript of his interview with Sean Hannity that set a lot of this furor off. The neo-conservatives are claiming that Limbaugh never said he flat out wanted Obama to fail; they're right. What he actually said

Help to Save the Post Office

The USPS is considering closing many post offices in order to cut costs. These local post offices provide a valuable service that we all take for granted.If we all make an effort to get back to writing more letters, sending more printed cards and sending packages via the USPS, we may be able to prev

Improve Your Figure With Corset Lingerie

While the corsets of today are considered an essential piece of sexy lingerie, that was not always the case. You can find images of corseted women from the ancient civilizations of Crete, Egypt, Rome and Greece.

Father' s Day Surprises Through International Gifts Delivery

As Father's Day is fast approaching this June, children should already start thinking of what presents to give them to avoid the last minute rush. Given that some Dads live far away, distance should not be an excuse to pass on the occasion.

I Am My Own God - Therefore I Am My Own Reality!

What kind of egotistical madman would even dare to type such stuff about him or herself? Well madman I may be, but I am far from egotistical. Yet why else could I be writing such a title? The answer is simple. When you read the title 'I am my own God, therefore I am my own reality', in you

Adult Stem Cell Research Needs More Attention

The American public is being misled by the embryonic stem cell lobby which ignores the advances the adult stem cell research and instead concentrates too much on the 'potential' of embryonic stem cells.

Race and Civil Rights

The article is about civil rights and racism. It is a view of how each person views race and civil rights differently

Life As a News Reporter

Life as a news reporter is exciting. In the old days, reporters were not paid very well but more than made up for it from the excitement of the job itself. That's the way it remains today.

The Game is the Name

Sports is best when it is viewed for what it is, which is sports. It's not politics and it shouldn't be a platform for causes that serve self-appointed spokesmen, to the detriment of the overall cause. So, why is mascot controversy a social issue that just won't go away? Perhaps it&ap

A Background on What Self Directed 401k Is

Do you know that you could turn your self directed 401k to another account or converting it to self directed IRA and investing these funds to a real estate? It is like investing your 401k plan in real

Vedaranyam: A Bird Watcher's Paradise

Chemplast Sanmar, which has its salt works at Vedaranyam partnered with the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) in setting up a Bird migration study centre at Kodiyakkarai. Vedaranyam is one of the

Affordable Cigarettes Online And Tax Free.

An additional choice for buying cigarettes is the internet. You can find lots of internet sites which afford the chance to order cigarettes online. It is definitely very simple and convenient for those who appreciate their comfort, free time, anxiety and the advantages of modern life in the industry

Fan Vibrations

The fan manufacturers are ususally “vibration experts” and can set the tolerance for acceptable levels of vibration.

Portable Oil Filtering Online Oil Filling Plant

Portable small size industrial oil filtering and oil filling plant, can filter those used oils with large quantity of sluge, suspension and metal scraps, to make it clean and can be used again.

Pay UsVisa Appointment Fee Online

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