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Difference Between Heresy & Apostasy

Many Christians use apostasy and heresy synonymously, but the two words have different meanings. Apostasy is the act of turning away from the true faith, while heresy is an opinion about the scriptures' true meaning. Examples of both of these words is found throughout the Bible, and a person must ta

Contacting Your Guardian Angel: Scent Messages

Your guardian angel may send you messages in the form of fragrances during prayer or meditation. Here are some types of scent messages you may receive after contacting your guardian angel...

Ways to Get Donations for Children's Ministries

Raking the leaves for the elderly can net you unused crayons for the children.autumn lawn image by Sergej Razvodovskij from Fotolia.comChildren's ministries can be costly to operate, making it important to seek donations when possible. Donations don't have to be limited to the formal...

Made In God's Own Image

The task of creating a being like man was probably easy for God, but it involved much more than we could have imagined. Man was the last of God's creation, but first in rank of importance. because he is the only creature made in the image and likeness of God.

Tarot De Alicia

Tarot: The actual Tarot card To Soothe Emotions Absolutely no mention enough the actual psychological core from the tarot. This shows an astral eyesight associated with humanity so they cover the actual manifestation of our ...

Be Spiritually Connected Now

What does it mean to be spiritual? A lot of people have the wrong notion about it. You really don't have to belong to a religion to be called spiritual, though it does help because ...

Quito Churches and Slavery of the Past

Quito churches reflect the faith of this Catholic country, whose same faith teaches to love one another.I have witnessed this love - together with their humility in imitation of Christ - in these beautiful Catholics both hispanic and indigenous.Yet the accusations seem to continue against the tradit

Eagle Glass Painting

Brightly colored eagle painting was painted onto the back of a glass pane.

Do You Know This Man?

Article describes a true story about a man in his hometown who seemed the least likely to ever become a Chrsitian.

4 Vital Things For You to Do and Why the Father Hears Some People's Prayers

If you are to have a life that you love and see a lot of good days then there are four things that you need to do and they are: You are not to speak evil out of your mouth. I found this cute little scripture today as I was reading, and I thought I would share it with you as it contains so much.

"the Landscape Of The Soul"

Through the years, we accumulate a series of experiences. Our tendency is to evaluate and simply reflect on what we have been through and what we have learned. This inward site into what we can no longer see with our eyes allows us to see through them through our soul.


Since creation women have been playing fundamental roles in the life of men. Adam was alone tilling the garden of Eden before God found an helpmeet for him. Adam loved his wife because she was ...

Gracious to Provide

Lisa: He was living large in the eyes of God but history will tell us that Jeremiah was not a famous person in his society. You'd like to think, "Okay, great he was big in ...

Wana Tarot Card Reader To Help You?

People expect predictions and divination revelations from the tarot card reader without knowing that they influence the card interpretations themselves. Although tarot fans are encouraged not to take the card meanings too seriously and merely ...

Is The Return Of Our Lord Jesus Near?

In contrast to the rapture, the glorious appearing will be a spectacular event clearly visible to everyone on earth. Following the rapture and the seven-year tribulation, Christ will return with His c