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Swing And A Miss

Soon after the O.J. Simpson situation had played out, radio shock jock Howard Stern appeared on Late Night with David Letterman wearing a football jersey bearing Simpson's No. 32. After several attempts at jokes failed ...

UFC 118 Randy Couture vs James Toney Results

People are either going to buy UFC 118 or search far and wide at about midnight on August 28 under the term Randy Couture vs. James Toney results. Why? Simply because this match up is about as fair as fair gets when it comes to the boxing vs. MMA discussion.

Castello Masters

Matteo Manassero holds he European Tour Castello Masters trophy after winning in 2010. And it's an usualy trophy.

SMT's Clubheads are a Blast

SMT Golf's component driver clubheads live up to the company's motto - "Swing hard, you might hit something."

3 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Golf Swing

Once you begin playing golf there will always be something in your golf game that you can improve on, you will never master the game of golf due to the different elements involved in the game. In this article I will give you three ways that will help you to improve your golf swing.

NBA Fantasy Tips For Winning

Each team in the NBA plays 82 games over eight months. There are 1,230 regular season games. That's a long season and it creates a lot of wear and tear on even the heartiest and healthiest of players.

Book Review: "Clocker Bob"

A review of 'Clocker Bob: If They Smoke In The Morning They'll Fire In The Afternoon' by Robert Kachur

Hungarian Grand Prix 2010 Preview

Red Bulls qualify on pole for Hungarian Grand Prix on Sunday 1st August 2010. Last Weeks German Prix Last weekend's Ferrari one-two finish caused mass contraversy due to their clear team orders which is not permitted under the FIA rules. Although Ferrari were fined, the FIA are still investigat

Learn to Snowboard in a Few Easy Steps

Watching snowboarders effortlessly glide down hills and pull off tricks on the half pipe makes it seem like the easiest thing in the world. Unfortunately it takes a fair bit of training and practice to ...

Caddy Quips

Having traveled a fair bit, to say the least, I have been reading a few books as of late. I did receive a copy of Johnny Millera's book I call the shots for my birthday, and have really enjoyed the stories and the excerpts from it. I know that he is an opinionated analyst but from my perspectiv

The Road to Indianapolis

The NCAA men's basketball tournament is almost upon us. There was some talk about going from 64 teams, (well 65) to 96 making it, but for now, it stays at 65. To me, that is enough.

How Can I Follow Ethics While Fishing

Fishing is a sport full of recreation. Fishing means catching the fish by trapping animals that live in water. Fishing now has turned a professional sport.

How to Coyote Hunt

By learning how to coyote hunt you will be able to increase your time in the field and out of town all year, not just the fall. Here we discuss the top methods with tips and tactics to help jump start you into coyote hunting success. This article is all about How to Coyote Hunt written by an obsesse