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3 Tips For Finding Golf Balls In The Rough

Smacking a tee shot or a fairway iron into the rough is a relatively common occurrence for most recreational golfers. Landing a ball a few yards off of the fairway typically isn't a big deal unless you are unable to find it, which can lead to dreaded penalty strokes and a need to fork over cash

What Makes The Best Golf Simulator?

Copyright (c) 2011 Joe Maldonado How are you supposed to know which is the best golf simulator? Ever since I started playing golf, simulators have been a popular topic amongst golfers. There are many available ...

Running Tips for Novices

Running is a great exercise. Humans have run since our beginnings, and it is a great way to get fit, lose weight, and complement other forms of exercise. However it is not low impact and ...

2011 Salomon Grip Team Edition Review

A detailed description of the Salomon Grip, how it rides on different types of terrain, and its advantages and disadvantages

Are You Buying Golf Balls For Your Golf Fanatic?

With literally thousands of intricately designed golf balls on the market the choice of selecting the right one for you is rather confusing.Basically, there are three categories of golf ball, each offering different features from the other.Distance balls, or two-piece balls are recommended for begin

Putting in Golf - The Most Important Part of the Game

If you are like most golfers, you may spend a few hours on the driving range each month. But, how many hours do you spend practicing your sand shots, or your long putts, or your chips? Most golfers spend no time whatsoever on this part of their game.

Bob Priest interview - Revealing All

KOTA Longboards defines itself as, "We are thrill seekers, veterans, pilots, skiers, bikers, athletes, outdoors nuts and, of course, longboarders. We love having fun, going fast with the wind in our face and challenging gravity. Carving on a high performance KOTA longboard is like flying a figh

Two Notable Recording Schools

Audio engineers are all those responsible for receiving your favourite band's sound onto an iPod or CD. The particular person planning the equipment sounds are recorded on is the audio engineer. In movies, listening to ...

Air Max 90 EM Zapatillas Y Mercancía

Having literally just shared your first look at the Nike Air 95 SP, it looks like we have a look at the other pair of kicks that will be joining them on October 26th. Feast ...

Antonio Margarito Drops Moseley Bout

It has been reported that the bout between "Sugar" Shane Moseley will not be facing Antonio Margarito in January. There have been reports of Margarito missing when they almost had a done deal with the bout, but Margarito's manager stated that they will not be facing Moseley, because t

Full Face Motorcycle Helmets are the Way to Go!

When you're in the market for a motorcycle helmet, the task can seem daunting. There are so many different types to choose from, to say nothing about materials and graphics. And that's to say nothing ...

A Coach's Role is Critical

A coach's role is critical in the context of our society.What I want to share with you in this article is my philosophy on the role of sport.This is particularly important for your sport and every sport.

5 Ways to Superior Speed

What athlete doesn't want to run faster? Whether you're a sprinter or a line backer, every sportsman or woman wants those extra yards/seconds. But what's the best way to do it? There are of course many ways, but I've assembled here what I believe are five often overlooked tips to

Learn Ninjutsu - The 2 Realms of Training in the Ninja's Arts

When most people think of the Ninja, they tend to limit their focus on the armed and unarmed martial skills. But, in reality, there are two, complimenting, realms of training that makes the Ninja what he or she is. This article shows you how to view these realms so that you can insure that your trai

Skiing With the Kids: Getting Out the Door

No question that skiing with kids requires a ton of gear. Getting out the door can seem like an impossible task but these tips will have you up and out the door in record time.

Public Golf Courses - Making the Right Choice

Chances are, if you're just starting out, you haven't decided to apply to a fancy country club yet so you can play their outstanding course, right? That's a very good idea, because there are probably several public golf courses close to you that are just as terrific and much cheaper t

Helicopter Flight: An Excellent Adrenaline Pumping Encounter

These days, there are lots of offers being made out there to people who would love to take advantage of fantastic helicopter ride experiences from packages that you could choose from. Whether you travel by helicopter to a hiking location or take a simulation of an actual helicopter flight services,