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California Pool Water Standards

The State of California mandates basic minimum standards for the water used in public swimming pools under Title 22, Chapter 20, of the California Code of Regulations. These standards are intended to ensure that the water is relatively clean and safe to swim in. These regulations also control how th

Ladies Love Fishing Tackle

Sometimes in business, weird things happen and there’s a surge in demand for certain products. Quite often you can’t explain why without a little digging. Just recently, there’s been a very high demand for fishing tackle feathers. It seems that, as with most things in life, celebri

Best Ab Exercises - Strengthening the Obliques

The abdominal muscles are comprised of three different sections. The middle, or front, is commonly referred to as "the six pack", the lower and the sides. The sides are what give the waist definition. To achieve noticeable results, all areas must be toned.

Legal Handguns in New Jersey

A number of handguns are legal in New Jersey.a weapon image by timur1970 from Fotolia.comNew Jersey has a wide variety of legal handguns that can be carried by its citizens, ranging from pistols to revolvers. Which handgun you want to carry depends greatly on what you are planning on...

Overtraining - Another Syndrome You Want No Part of

People that are extremely devoted to achieving a fitness or performance goal sometimes reach an impenetrable roadblock known as overtraining syndrome.You will learn how to prevent this from happening, what to do if it occurs, and what it feels like.

Aerobic Vs Anaerobic

Anaerobic processes do not require oxygen for reactions while aerobic processes utilize oxygen in the processes of breakdown and synthesis. All anaerobic processes occur in the sarcoplasm (the cytoplasm/cell fluid of the muscle cell). All aerobic processes (utilizing the oxidative/aerobic energy sys

How to Make a Right-Handed Origami Boomerang

Origami, which is a paper-folding art, usually produces novelty items such as animals. The origami boomerang, however, gives you a toy to play with. The boomerang is unusual in that it's made with half of the paper, instead of the traditional square sheet. Take your time with the instructions, and y

How to Make a 7-Person Round Robin

In sports tournaments, the round robin method is the preference for many organizers because it allows each team or individual to play every other competitor in the league one time. Setting up a round robin schedule can be a tricky process, especially when dealing with an odd number of teams or indiv

The Top 3 Benefits Of Regular Exercise

If you are thinking that exercise is only for people that want to lose weight then think again. Everyone needs to exercise every day. It does not really matter if you are trying to lose weight or add little bulk to your muscles. There are a lot of benefits that you can get from having a daily dose o

How to Run Bases Correctly in Youth Baseball

At higher levels of baseball, running the bases is taken for granted. However, at youth baseball levels, learning to run the bases is a critical component of the game and may mean the difference between scoring a run and making an out. Youth baseball also has different baserunning rules to promote g

Ways to Get Shapely Buns and Thighs

If you could only do one exercise to improve the strength and tone of your legs and thighs, it would be the lunge. The lunge is an amazing exercise that strengthens everything from your rear to your calves. However, if not done correctly, it can also cause painful and long-lasting injuries.

Is Exercising on a Treadmill Good for Losing Weight?

When it comes to fat-burning exercise, keeping things simple is a sensible approach. Walking or running on a treadmill might not seem as exciting as an upbeat step aerobics class or cardio kickboxing, but both activities are effective ways to get in shape. Treadmill workouts can burn calories quickl