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Fisheries Science: Understanding and managing fisheries

Fisheries science is the academic element that is explored when managing and understanding fisheries. Fisheries science is consists of multiple scientific disciplines, which concentrate on the areas of marine biology, aquaculture, marine conservation, population and ...

Tiger Muskie Fishing

pa€tience / pysh'nss/: the potential to endure waiting, delay, or provocation with out becoming annoyed or upset, or to persevere calmly when faced with issues. OR, in case your fishing tiger muskie, pa€tience / pysh'nss/: ...

Web Based Scheduling Software

In the current status of the world today where high end technology is starting to invade every industry, people are still finding ways to engage into outdoor activities to take a rest from the busy ...

Fishing Tips for Walleyes With a Lead Core Line

Fishing for walleye with a lead core line doesn't require the use of 1 image by Sorin Alb from Fotolia.comFishing for walleye with a lead core line allows the angler to present bait at a variety of depths. This method doesn't require the use of weights and is used for its...

How to Hook a Waxworm on a Hook for Fishing

Waxworms make a popular live bait, especially for freshwater panfish, due to their high fat content and lively action on the hook. Interestingly, waxworms aren't a species of worm but the larvae of the wax moth. Due to their small size, fishermen typically place two waxworms on a single hook for th

Do Wenger Military Watches Contain Lead?

Wenger, the maker of the Swiss Army Knife, also produces a famous and quality line of watches for both men and women. The most notable category of Wenger watches tends to be the military line. The make and metal used in the watch design promote quality and do not include inferior metals.

How to Make Your Own Salt Water Aquarium Decorations

One of the quickest ways to kill saltwater fish in a home aquarium is to put decorations in the tank that contain materials toxic to the fish. Even natural materials like rocks and gravel can leech chemicals that contaminate your fish tank and kill your fish. Making decorations for your saltwater ta

How to Make a Model of a Hammerhead Shark

The great hammerhead shark, sphyrna mokarra, was named by Eduard Ruppell in 1837, for its distinctive hammer-shaped head. (Sphyrna is greek for "hammer".) The great hammerhead is a large shark, with an average length of 7 feet. Its head blade is proportionately wide, over one-third of the shark's

Saltwater Habitat Information

A saltwater habitat is an environment containing saltwater that is the home to any number of species including fish, crustaceans, sharks, bacteria, plants and even fungi. There are a number of subtypes of saltwater habitats, each with its own unique characteristics and flora and fauna that call it h

Treble Hooks Vs. Single Hooks

Sometimes an angler must choose between using treble hooks and single hooks. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Anglers must choose based on fishing regulations, fishing situation and their own preferences.

Schools in Lake Stevens, Washington

Lake Stevens is named for its 1,000-acre lake.Sunset lake landscape. Chany lake, Novosibirsk area, June 2007 image by Igor Zhorov from Fotolia.comLake Stevens is 36 miles north of Seattle, eight miles east of Everett, and named for a 1,000-acre lake adjacent to the town. With more than...

How to Tie a Double-Line Snell

"Two lines are better than one" is the philosophy that drives many anglers to use a dropper rig. Dropper rigs essentially position two hooks on a leader rig so that two baits are presented in the water at the same time. Hooks are attached to the droppers on the rig by snelling. A snelled hook uses a

Great Lakes Salmon Fishery Threatened by Asian Carp

Once again the Great Lakes ecosystem is under attack by another invasive species, the Asian Carp. Asian Carp (Bighead or Silvers)were imported by catfish farmers in the 1970's to remove algae and suspended particles in ...

Ocean Fishing in Canada

Canada’s Oceans Act manages marine protected areas for the benefit of commercial and noncommercial fisheries. Canada has 2.7 million square miles of ocean area.

How to Build a "WoW" Aggro tank

A tank in "World of Warcraft" (WoW) is a group's first -- and likely only -- line of defense in instances. Since instances are filled with heroic enemies who can kill non-tanks in one to five hits, a tank needs to be able to hold the attention of the enemy and survive the blows the enemy deals. Aggr

How to Get a Fishing Pole in "Pokemon SoulSilver" Edition

One of the staples of the "Pokemon" video game franchise is the ability to fish. You fish with special items called Rods. There are several types of fishing rods in "Pokemon SoulSilver," and the first one that you can get, just after receiving your first badge, is called the Old

Types of Fish in Fee-Fishing Ponds in Virginia

Nearly 40 species of freshwater fish, both native and introduced, make their homes in the more than 176,000 acres of public lakes and the 27,300 miles of fishable streams. If you aren't in the mood to track down your catch in the wild, why not cast your line into a stocked pond? For a fee, you'll ha

How to Tie a Zug Bug

The Zug Bug is a nymph pattern originally tied for eastern streams and lakes. The Zug Bug has proven to be such a productive trout fly that its popularity has expanded across the country. This nymph is now considered an excellent fly for western waters as well. The Zug Bug is especially effective fi