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What is Meditation?

One of the first things I learned in Alanon was the Serenity Prayer. It never fails to amaze me how these simple words help to ground me.

How to Start Pranayama?

This article is for people who want to start Pranayama practice at home, but do not know how to begin. You can start Pranayama without spending any money.Commercialisation of yoga should not prevent you from getting access to free Pranayama lessons. Everybody can enjoy the remarkable benefits of Pra

Best Effective Yoga Exercises For Slim Waist

If you are tensed and finding yourself in the whirlwind of tension then you need to take rest and do some yoga. It would give you mental peace and a healing effect to the body.

How to Beat the Heat in Hot Yoga

Beating the heat in a hot yoga class takes a mixture of discipline and humility. Practicing yoga in a heated room helps to soften the body and gain more flexibility. You must remember when practicing yoga that yoga is a nonjudgmental and noncompetitive practice. Taking breaks is always encouraged, a

Mix Up Your Yoga Practice

Saying you like yoga is almost like saying you like music. What kind do you like?

Beginning a Yoga Class

Yoga has been used for thousands of years to bring health and happiness to body, mind and spirit. Attending a regular yoga class a great way to start feeling the benefits of yoga - but what's the best way to begin? If you've never tried yoga before, then here are my top tips for getting st

How to Do the Mula Bandha Pose in Yoga

Bandhas are energetic “locks” that direct prana, or vital energy, in specific ways in the body. It is believed that doing so is a way to transform kundalini, creative energy, from a coarse energy to one that is transmuted into spiritual ecstasy. For our purposes here, Mula Bandha is al

Yoga For Sports Training - 8 Famous Professional Athletes Who Practice Yoga

Yoga is so great for you that it's no longer only practiced by the Indians or super-spiritual. Today's professional athletes are finding that yoga helps them perform better and extend their career. Here's a list of 8 famous professional athletes who have turned to yoga and will never

Yoga Can Help You Free Your Mind

Don't underestimate the power of yoga as it has been linked to many improvements for people. Those with some types of mental health disorders often benefit because their overall mood improves. Fighting cancer can be done with yoga too because a good mindset is important to fight it as well as o

Guidelines For Successful Meditation

Meditation is a practice that needs to be nurtured in order for you to gain the full benefit. There are some things that you can do to make sure you stay on track.

Commonly Used Anxiety Medications

Anxiety is experienced by every individual at some point or the other in his/her life. It is probably the intensity of anxiety that varies from one person to another. For instance – a person may experience anxiety if he/she is supposed to appear for a difficult test the following day.

Who Can Be Called A Yogi?

Perhaps a person who can perform the most difficult asana? But then what about the circus, acrobats, gymnasts, who have often flexibility, is not worse than those of the Yogi? Or take for example the average person, regular exercise and reached a high level of plasticity. Does it have a right to be

Kick Off Your Belly Fat with Yoga Exercises

When you see someone who is sexier than you, you again decide to start your work out session from the other day but again failed as you simply don't feel like practicing yoga exercises after

How to Make Trotting Boots

Trotting boots are used on harness racing horses to protect the inside surface of the animal's legs below the knee. Because race horses move rapidly with long, powerful strides, some are prone to clipping one leg with another, which can lead to significant injury. Trotting boots help prevent and les

Your First Yoga Class - What to Expect

So you've finally made the big leap into the unknown - your first yoga class is approaching. You've picked which class to go to, found out where to park and how much the class will cost, but what should you expect when you walk through the doors?

Controlling Anger - One Natural Therapy For Anger Management

Anger and hostility are powerful emotions. They are perfectly natural to express in a controlled setting. It is never a good thing to keep these feelings repressed, but rather find a healthy way to release the emotions on a regular basis. Discover a healthier way to manage your anger with this artic