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WhatIsHajj ?

Hajj is the peak of a Muslim’s lifetime. A pilgrimage to Makkah that demonstrates their submission to Allah through a series of rituals and tasks. Hajj pilgrims, along with thousands of other Muslims, come together in an unparalleled show of devotion, purity, peace, equality and solidarity.

Objectives of Teaching Fractions

Computation with fractions is a difficult task even for many older students. It is important for students in the elementary grades to have a solid understanding of what fractions mean before they can begin to add, subtract, multiply and divide them. By moving from the concrete (physical models) to t

Swing And A Miss

Soon after the O.J. Simpson situation had played out, radio shock jock Howard Stern appeared on Late Night with David Letterman wearing a football jersey bearing Simpson's No. 32. After several attempts at jokes failed ...

Moises Galvan Gonzalez

Moises Galvan Gonzalez is wanted for his alleged participation in the murder of a man on June 15, 1998, at a dairy farm in Tracy, California. Gonzalez's brother then allegedly shot the victim in his stomach at point blank range, killing him.

Piano Tutorials - An Outline

To learn the piano online or offline, the general piano tutorials are almost the same. There are different piano tutorials for the beginners and for the ones willing to continue the mid-level or higher level of playing piano. Now to consider the piano tutorials for the beginners, first the different

Adding Vigour to Your Writing

The verb forms you choose can brighten or dull your writing. Next time when you read a passage, find out whether the language was energetic, vibrant or just flat and dull. Good writers know that active verbs and careful usage of be verbs make the language fast and accurate.

How to Knit the Garter Stitch Backwards

Don't like turning your knitting after every row? You don't have to. Stay on the same side and knit backwards. You can even work garter stitch backwards. Garter stitch means knitting every single row, whether you're on the front or back sides of the knitting. Garter stitch makes every other row appe

How to Bezel a Cabochon With Seed Beads

In jewelry, a bezel is similar to a frame. The bezel can fit around the perimeter of a single gem or encompass a resin or glass creation. Cabochons are flat-backed stones, often made from colorful glass. One way to create a pendant or brooch with a cabochon is to frame it with a seed-bead bezel. Sel

How to Make Putty

Silly Putty was a scientific experiment long before it was intended as a children's toy. The engineer, James Wright, happened upon the substance while trying to invent a synthetic rubber in 1943. A decade later, his accidental invention became a popular children's toy through advertisements on "The

Halloween Craft with Spiders

Creepy, crawly spiders are a quintessential element of the Halloween season. Fake spiders and there webs are often featured in Halloween decoration displays. Instead of purchasing spider decorations for the Halloween season, save some money by crafting your own. Use these craft projects as a bonding

Sunday Morning Slasher Found Guilty

A Michigan jury took less than four hours to find Coral Eugene Watts, the Sunday Morning Slasher, guilty of the 1979 murder of Helen Dutcher, and made sure the confessed serial killer will never get out of prison.

College Essay Requirements

A unique essay will gain the reader's attention.hours and notebook image by Victor M. from Fotolia.comWriting a good college essay takes dedication and preparation. It is not a task that will be finished in a day, in fact it may take several sessions to complete. Choose a topic that is...

Vapor Brothers Instructions

Vapor Brothers Vaporizers are the only vaporizers on the market to use a 100 percent ceramic mineral heater, according to their website. In addition to vaporizers, Vapor Brothers produces a full line of organic herbal blends that can be used with their products. According to Vapor Brothers, the mach

How to Make Simple String Instruments

String instruments enable players to create sound by plucking or bowing one or more strings. The sound resonates in the body, or sound box, of the instrument, and that is what we hear. The quality of the tone depends somewhat on the materials used for the strings and, to a greater extent, on the mat