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Better Ski Technique - The Long Fast Turn & Safety at Speed

I learnt to ski in a Norwegian resort where the mountains were more like steep hillocks, and the longest runs were half a mile, cutting narrow swathes through the birch trees. Doing short turns and slalom ski racing was the order of the day. Arriving in the European Alps I was amazed to find huge op

Taking Swimming Classes From the Comfort of Your Home

One of the reasons for which a lot of individuals out there do not take up swimming classes or learn how to swim professionally, is the enormous amount of time and effort that is involved. More often than not, many swimming facilities are located at distant locations from town. Further, instructors

Forces & Motion Classroom Activities

Perhaps the most fundamental aspect of physics is the relationship between an applied force and the motion of an object. Because forces and motion permeate so many levels of physics, they allow a plethora of hands-on activities for students. Students just introduced to the material can benefit from

Vintage Arcade Games

It's hard to imagine now, but there was a time when young people had to go to a neighborhood arcade in order to get their gaming fix. Home video games were just a beautiful dream - beyond the reach of then-current technology.

2010 Olympics - Hockey Tournament 101

Many of the events at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics will hold little interest for most viewers around the world. Somehow it's a little difficult to get all riled up about the ice dancing or the Short Track speed skating. It would hardly have been better if the women's Ski Jumping had been al

List of Closed Universities

Scores of universities throughout the United States have opened their doors only to close months to years later. Often the reasons have been financial -- due to poor financial handling, or a lack of attendance and subsequent reduction in tuition monies. In other situations, universities have dropped

Golf Course Management and Consulting

Does it ever feel like your golf course is stranded in the sand, stuck in the rough, or even lost in the trees? Want more than par for your course? Whether you're a developer who has yet to seed his first driving range or a seasoned veteran of the golf course industry, golf management companies

Nintendo DSi Colors - Pleasing to the Eye

The Nintendo DSi was first released in November 2008 in Japan in matte black and matte white. It was released in the same colorings in New Zealand and Australia. When the console was released in the US in April last year, it came in matte black and matte blue.

Best Sports Betting System Review

In the past, the best place to go for sports betting advice would be a handicapper or expert. These people would offer picks and advice that would lead you to win up to 70% of the games you bet on. This advice came with a large price tag of hundreds of dollars for a season.

The Banzai Pipeline: Where Legends Are Born

On Oahu's North Shore is quite possibly the most famous wave ever; the banzai pipeline. For decades it's legend has grown, and now it reigns supreme as the most recognizable break in the world of surfing. In this article were gonna take a look at how this legendary wave got its name, and g

How to Create Your Own "Naruto" Characters & Abilities

"Naruto" is one of the fastest-growing phenomena in the history of Japanese Anime. At comic book and animation conventions, Naruto characters dominate the floors. The iconic design of the characters and their abilities (called jutsu) give them an unrivaled visual appeal, and the moral and spiritual

University Research Grants

University research grantsshelves of library books image by nextrecord from Fotolia.comUniversity research grants make original research and innovative exploration possible in an advanced---and often expensive---academic setting. Grants reward serious scholarship and endeavors to tackle a...