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How to Repair a Rubber Watch Band

Rubber watch bands are usually very durable under a wide variety of conditions and rarely need repair. Even though these bands can tolerate the harshest of abuse, there are times when a rubber watch band needs to be repaired. You can easily repair the band yourself and avoid having to purchase a ne

Money-Making Business Ideas for Children

Encourage your children to save the money they money money III image by imagenation from Fotolia.comWhen your children need extra spending money, teach them a lesson in entrepreneurship by encouraging them to start a business. Even at a young age, children will learn the value...

Cricket, wonderful cricket

This article explains why I love the wonderful game of cricket. What excites me about the game is made clear. I also take the chance to stand up against some of the negative things said about the game

Filipino Bread

There's nothing like warm bread right out of the oven. It's even better when it comes from a Filipino bakery.

How To Make Homemade Wine That Is Inexpensive But Tastes So Good

Have you ever wanted to know how to make homemade wine? There are different kinds of wines in the market. What I am going to teach you is how to make hobo wine - a cheap type of wine that is made of common ingredients. I like to note though that the taste of this wine will not satisfy the taste of c

How to Be an Effective Cocktail Waitress

The glamorous image of a cocktail waitress who cheerfully serves drinks in a ball gown doesn't always match the reality of the job. Customers may think you're an airhead, crowds can block your path from the bar to the tables, and some customers may sexually harass you. Because the job includes tips

How to Make Gelatin in Gelatin Molds

Gelatin made in molds can be a festive dish to serve at a party, or a fun summer snack in the afternoon or evening. Children love eating gelatin molded in the shape of their favorite character. Make your mold with plain gelatin or add some stir ins for a gelatin salad.

Lose a Pound a Day, It's Weight Loss the Safe Way!

If you want to lose a pound a day and feel great at the same time, then take a look at some of the simple and effective methods that have stood up the test of time. Losing weight is part art and part science, and learning the basics can help you do develop a plan and routine that will work for you!

Alcohol and Working Out

Throughout the last couple of decades there have been a lot of discussions on the use of alcohol while working out and the types of effects it actually has on your training. There is no doubt that alcohol will hinder your results in the gym, but it is important to understand the underlying mechanism

Coping with Christmas - Managing the Pressures

For many people, Christmas is something of a mixed blessing in terms of whether it is a time for enjoyment and rest - or a time of hassle and stress.This article offers some ideas to help you cope better and to manage the various challenges and pressures so that you can enjoy it more.

Video: The Best Products for Shine & to Slick Back Thick Hair

Video Transcript I'm Jessica Jacques from Certified Fabulous, and I am going to show you products for shine to slick back your thick hair. If you're looking to shine your hair and also have it slicked back perhaps you have a nighttime look that you want to achieve, there are different...