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How to Add to Existing Decorating

How many times have you heard someone say that they bought a new sofa... and then had to redecorate the whole room? It just doesn't seem possible to replace our kitchen appliances without doing the counter tops, which then leads to flooring, wallpaper or paint, and window treatments. The same t

Get Some Great Wall Headboard Ideas For Your Bedroom

Looking for a way to give your bedroom a new decorating flair? Coming up with some original wall headboard ideas and choosing one that will coordinate perfectly with your color scheme and style makes a wonderful rewarding weekend do it yourself project for you and any family member.

Tuscan Home Decorating Ideas

Tuscan decorating is inspired by the Tuscany region of Italy. In the time of the ancient Roman Empire, people would escape from big city life in Rome, by going out to live in the hills ...

Type of Fences

Fences serve many functions and come in several materials and designs. A fence may be installed to contain animals or children or to keep animals and intruders out. It may provide a screen from prying eyes or mark a property boundary, help curb the traffic noise from a busy street or simply add to t

How to Reupholster Futon Mattresses

A futon is a highly versatile piece of furniture, serving as seating and an additional sleeping area. Futons are a staple in dorm rooms, apartments, and other limited-space living arrangements. Popular though they are, futon mattresses usually come in basic black or brown. Dress up your boring futo

How do I Hang a Cylinder Lamp?

No matter what type of lighting you choose, where you place or hang it is essential to how well it lights your home. A cylinder lamp is simply shaped like a drum, offering style and function at the same time. When hanging your cylinder lamp, ideally place it over an area where you will use it often

How to Design Your Own Sectional Sofa

Designing your own sectional sofa adds a custom feel to your room. Sectionals add a lot of extra seating space. They can even help your living room or family room seem more modern. You might even be able to use your existing furniture pieces. You can easily build your own sectional sofa. This will h